Cloudist – Identity

The task was to create a corporate identity for the sustainable cloud service company Cloudist.

‘Today cloud services are contributing up to 3.7% of CO2 emissions. As a comparison, the aviation industry is at 2.5%. This must change. We have made our choice to do our part in making sure that the cloud future is green and sustainable. Our services are delivered from one of the world’s most sustainable data centers running on only green hydro energy. You can make that choice too. Let’s partner up and make positive change to your company, your clients and the planet.’

‘There are seven natural wonders of the world. Only one of them are in the clouds. The northern lights.’

‘Just like Scandinavian values as equality and democracy, the northern lights are an important part of our origin and heritage. Since ancient times people has been amazed by the northern lights and tried to relate to it through myths and legends. Among the Sámi, one of the world’s indigenous people and one of Sweden’s official national minorities based in the north, it was important to meet the northern lights with respect.’